About Us

How did it all start?


IgiBee is a family company that was founded at the end of 2021.

The beginnings were unique, because they were marked by an extraordinary event in our lives. When we decided to start our business, it turned out that our third child would be born.

The newborn son was given the name Ignacy, hence coming up with a name for the company turned out to be extremely easy. IgiBee is the result of the work of the whole family, which was 100% involved in this projecty. We started selling products on the Etsy platform.

After 2.5 months of operation, our assortment was ranked first among the best-selling products in Poland. Unique and eye-pleasing sticker designs and competitive prices have resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers literally from all over the world. This year we decided to go a step further and create our own online store, where we warmly welcome you.


We focus on creating your own designs

We print our stickers in the modern HP Latex technology, which is 100% safe for people and the environment.

The inks are water-based and do not emit any harmful substances. The HP Latex technology, as the only one on the market, has all the certificates required by the European Union for the installation of stickers inside rooms.

Thanks to this, our clients are not only parents, but also owners of public facilities, such as schools or kindergartens. Wall stickers are made with maximum care for the environment, ensuring the recycling of the materials used.


The motto of our company is the slogan:

"From children to children"


We cooperate with the Mukobohaterowie foundation, which offers both medical assistance to children suffering from cystic fibrosis and psychological assistance to their parents.

The goals of the foundation are close to our hearts, therefore, from each transaction concluded in the store, we allocate a certain sum to support it. Buying stickers from us, you have a chance not only to revive the interior of your child's room in a unique way, but also to do something good for those who really need it.

What will you find  in our store?

Our store offers stickers and wall decorations that will enrich the decor of a child's room in an unusual way.

We are parents ourselves, which is why we know how important it is for the development of the youngest to create a coherent and at the same time safe space for them. For a child, his room is the true center of the universe. Unique decorative elements in the form of wall stickers will certainly make it not only feel good in it, but also develop properly.

We offer an extremely wide range of products, putting primarily on animal and educational motifs. In our store, enthusiasts of dinosaurs, forest and sea animals or a little explorer dreaming of an African safari will find something for themselves. Wall stickers will take your child straight to the world of fairy tales or take him on an extraordinary adventure in space.

The assortment of the IgiBee store will certainly satisfy the curiosity of older children, offering intriguing, colorful maps of the world. It also includes wall stickers for the youngest, ideal for decorating a baby's room.