Eco-friendly printing

We print our stickers using modern HP Latex technology, which is 100% safe for people and the environment. We try to make our materials as neutral as possible for the environment, and we recycle waste generated during production.

eco-friendly printing technology

HP Latex inks are produced on the basis of water, compared to technologies such as eco-solvent, they are much safer both for the environment and for people working on prints and do not emit any harmful substances. HP Latex technology is the only one on the market that has all the certificates required by the European Union allowing the installation of stickers indoors.

przyjazne dla środowiska naklejki ścienne

Choose health!

By choosing Igibee stickers, you can be sure that they were not only created in health-safe conditions, but also that after sticking they will be healthy for the child - this is why parents choose to purchase our products.

zielone miasteczko - naklejka ścienna


Igibee stickers will work great both in children's rooms and in public places: kindergartens, nurseries, schools, clinics and even hospitals!