How to apply IgiBee stickers

Thank you for your purchase. We hope that you will be satisfied, and our stickers will be a great decoration in your kid’s room. Down below, we have prepared a few-step instruction on how to apply our stickers. By following these rules, you can be sure that the stickers will hold on for a long time. 

The application process should be divided into 3 steps:

  1. Foil preparation
  2. Preparation of the wall (after 12 hours)
  3. Applying the stickers

Foil preparation

  • Stickers that you have bought have traveled a long distance, they were rolled up for many days. Even though we have secured them, you have to let them ‘get used to’ the conditions at your home. 
  • That’s why before applying the sticker on your wall, we advise you to let them rest for about 12 hours until the humidity of the glue will match the humidity in your room.
  • While your sticker is ‘resting’ unfold it on the flat surface, and put something heavy to each corner of the decal to let them straighten out.

Preparation of the wall

The sticker will hold on well when we will apply it on a clean and smooth surface.

Before application:

  • Carefully clean your wall from any dust
  • Degrease the wall (especially, when this is the room, where your kids are playing). For example, you can use a wet cloth with some dish soap. Remember to let your wall dry out, after cleaning!
  • Make sure that you have enough time, there are many elements and it will take a while to stick it to the wall, for bigger parts ask a second person for help, do it slowly and carefully. 

Attention! In the description of every product, there is information that the stickers need to be applied on the smooth surface. If the walls in your room are not like that, air and dust can go under the glue causing drying out the glue, and the sticker may peel off!