Sun Safari: giraffe, elephant and flamingos wall stickers


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This set includes:

This great set of wall stickers depicting animals inhabiting the African Savannah will take your child's room to the heart of the wild Safari. This collection, rich in African animals such as elephants, giraffes, flamingos and monkeys, will awaken the imagination of every young adventurer and interest them in the subject of the animal kingdom.

Wall decorations with African animal motifs made of high-quality materials will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Full of pastel colors, wall stickers with animals living in African safari will allow you to decorate any room in your home in a simple and quick way.

Each element of the Sunny Safari set is cut separately so that it does not have any borders, thanks to which our wall stickers fit perfectly against the background of any wall, regardless of its color!


Set One " giraffe with monkeys" contains:

- palm trees wall decal 50 cm x 137 cm, 20' x 54'
- Giraffe wall decal 38 cm x 101 cm, 15' x 40'
- parrot wall decal 10 cm x 22 cm, 4' x 8,6'
- 2x grass wall deca 55 cm x 6 cm, 21,7' x 2,4'
- 2x two hanging monkeys decal 23 cm x 29 cm, 17 cm x 32 cm, 9' x 11,4' , 6,7' x 12,6'
- sitting monkey 24 cm x 16 cm, 9,5' x 6,3'
- tree branch72 cm x 12 cm, 28,4' x 4,7'
- running monkey 32 cm x 24 cm, 12,6' x 9,5'
- leaves wall decal 15 cm x 12 cm, 6' x 4,7'
- white parrot 10 cm x 16 cm, 4' x 6,3'
- green parrot 10 cm x 16 cm, 4' x 6,3'

Set Two - "Elephant with antelope" contains:

- elephant wall decal 70 cm x 63 cm, 27,5' x 25'
- 5 flamingo wall decal 20 cm x 35 cm, 8' x 13,8'
- antelope wall decal27 cm x 31 cm, 10,7' x 12,2'
- 5 parrots
- small lake wall decal 81 cm x 22 cm, 32' x 8,7'
- toucan 8 cm x 15 cm, 3' x 6'

Each item is separate. This allows you to create your own safari wall decoration.
Buy two sets! Create a wonderful savanna wall decor!

PVC free material: can be used on smooth walls, uneven walls, textured walls, wallpapers. Can be used on interior doors, windows (interior), furniture.
Before applying wall decal, clean the wall of any dust - wipe it with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Information for you:

  • Direct daylight does not affect print quality over time - Hp Latex Technology
  • Pastel colours of stickers may slightly differ - depending on the settings of your monitor.
  • If you have any questions, please write to me 🙂 I will be happy to answer! Add my Store to your favourites! You will know what new works are added to the store! For regular customers, I always send something as a gift 😉
  • If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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