Forest grove wall stickers with deer, wolf and fox


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This set includes:

Forest wall decal big set, Woodland wall decal in your kids room, Peel and stick woodland animal vinyl decal YOU'LL LOVE TO HANG ON YOUR WALLS: With IgiBee wall decals, you can transform any room into a forest with our forest animal wall decal- whether it be your kid's room, nursery room, or simply your playroom. This woodland wall decal set includes some of the most recognized forest animals, deer, eagle, owl, wolf, Hedgehog, birds, racoon, trees hand-painted watercolours for the children's room. This Sticker Set, deer wall decal, woolf decal , Peel and stick is really easy to apply. Amazing woodland wall decal will look great in the children's room. The forest decoration set is an amazing gift idea. The product is delivered on a sheet and shipped in a cardboard tube. The dimensions are in the product pictures to get a better impression of it.

Easy to apply peel and stick animal sticker is a great way to improve the look of your nursery room. This new way of wall art is perfect for people that want to create their own wallpaper.
Transform your kid's room with IgiBee woodland sticker. With a pack of stickers comes a wolf sticker, fox sticker, racoon wall decal, and many more forest animals.
Have some peaceful time looking in your own woodland wall mural.

Forest grove wall stickers with deer, wolf and fox Set one:

Wolf decal: 30 cm x 53 cm, 11,5' x 21'
fox: 29 cm x 34 cm, 11,5' x 13'
owl: 11 cm x 17 cm, 4,5' x 6,7'
tree: 72 cm x 131 cm, 28,4' x 51,6'
tree root decal: 87 cm x 17 cm, 34,2' x 6,7'
flying owl: 14 cm x 15 cm, 5,8' x 6,2'
Racoon: 17 cm x 15 cm, 6,7' x 6'
squirrel: 15 cm x 13 cm, 6' x 5,3'
Hedgehog: 12,5 cm x 9 cm, 5' x 3,5'
2 x clouds: 19 cm x 33 cm, 7,5' x 13,6'

Forest grove wall stickers with deer, wolf and fox Set two:
2x grass: 68 cm x 8 cm, 27' x 3'
deer: 55 cm x 67 cm, 21' x 26'
swallow: 8 cm x 15 cm, 3,3' x 6'
3x clouds: 12 cm x 22 cm, 5' x 9'
tree: 57 cm x 125 cm, 22,5' x 49'
eagle: 20 cm x 35 cm, 7,8' x 14'
owl : 17 cm x 19 cm, 6,7' x 7,6'
roe: 37 cm x 47 cm, 15' x 18,5'

Buy set one + set two - and enjoy all the animals from the visualization.
Remember, each element is separate, you can create your own unique forest wallpaper.

PVC free material: can be used on smooth walls, uneven walls, textured walls, wallpapers. Can be used on interior doors, windows (interior), furniture.
Before applying wall decal, clean the wall of any dust - wipe it with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Information for you:
- Direct daylight does not affect print quality over time - Hp Latex Technology
Pastel colours of stickers may be slightly different - depending on the settings of your monitor.
If you have any questions, please write to me 🙂 I will be happy to answer! Add my Store to your favourites! You will know what new works are added to the store! For regular customers, I always send something as a gift 😉

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