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African Oasis Wall Stickers

African Oasis Wall Stickers

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Create a unique atmosphere in your child's room! Thanks to this great set of African Oasis wall stickers, you will be able to decorate your children's bedroom in an original way. Made of high-quality materials, wall stickers depicting an African oasis, consisting of a mass of various animals, such as elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, parrots, will allow you to transform any interior into a wild Safari.

Full of colors in a pastel style, stickers with African animals will be the reason for much joy and smile on your children's faces.

Each element of the African Oasis set is cut out separately so that it has no borders, thanks to which our wall stickers look great against any wall, regardless of its color.


This big wall decal set includes:

palm trees(2x): 42x116cm
blue balloon(1x): 32x50cm
blue balloon(1x): 24x40cm
beige balloon(2x): 20x32cm
grass1(2x): 15x52cm
grass1(1x): 10x39cm
grass2(2x): 69x16cm
lion: 44x48cm
leopard: 39x51cm
lioness: 64x44cm
zebra: 40x59cm
meerkat(3x): 10x20cm
grass(3x): 68x13cm
toucan: 11x14cm
parrot: 10x26cm
elephant: 73x73cm
grass(2x): 64x11cm
grass(1x): 44x8cm
grass(1x): 9x32cm
giraffe: 38x96cm
gazelle: 34x41cm
meerkat: 8x16cm
parrot in flight: 31x20cm
hoopoe: 9x16cm
hoopoe in flight: 21x14cm
palm cockatoo: 11x25cm

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