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Dinosaur Wall Decal Big Set

Dinosaur Wall Decal Big Set

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Introducing our captivating "Dinosaur Wall Decal Big Set" - the perfect choice for little dinosaur enthusiasts and adventurous explorers. This set of dinosaur wall stickers will transform your child's room into a Prehistoric World of excitement and imagination.

Our dinosaur wall stickers are carefully designed to bring the prehistoric era to life. With a variety of dinosaur species and captivating details, these stickers create a visually stunning and educational experience. From mighty T-Rexes to dignified Brontosaurus and gentle Triceratopses each sticker captures the essence of these magnificent creatures.

This big set of dinosaur wall decals is perfect for creating an immersive and dynamic scene in your boy's room. Let their imagination run wild as they embark on thrilling adventures in a world inhabited by these ancient creatures. The vibrant colors and realistic designs will spark their curiosity and transport them back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Brontosaurus & Triceratops - set one
Triceratops: 66 cm x 37 cm, 26' x 15'
Brontosaur: 56 cm x 118 cm, 22' x 47'
Palm tree: 39 cm x 80 cm, 15,4' x 31,7'
Trawa: 80 cm x 12 cm, 31,36' x 4,5'
6x Clouds: 18 cm x 10 cm, 7' x 4'
3x grass : 16 cm x 13 cm, 6' x 5'
fern : 25 cm x 17 cm, 10' x 6,7'
2x cactus: 16 cm x 17 cm, 6,4' x 6,6'
grass: from 17 cm x 26 cm to 17 cm x 22 cm, from 6,7' x 10' to 6,6' x 8,6'

T- Rex - set two

T - Rex : 80 cm x 60 cm, 32' x 24'
Tree wall decal : 72 cm x 100 cm, 28' x 39'
4x clouds : 27 cm x 14 cm, 10,8' x 5,7'
Pterodon: 40 cm x 21 cm, 16' x 8,5'
grass : 80 cm x 12 cm, 32' x 4,7'
3x ferns : 26 cm x 16 cm, 10,3' x 6,4

Volcano & Pteranodons - set three

Vulcano: 140 cm x 55 cm, 55,5' x 22'
Pterodon: 40 cm x 39 cm, 15,7' x 15,5'
3x clouds: 29 cm x 16 cm, 11,4' x 6,5'
3x clouds: 24 cm x 14 cm, 9,4' x 5,4'
2x cactus: 21 cm x 23 cm, 8,4' x 9,3'
grass: 110 cm x 17 cm, 42,5' x 6,5'

Chose your material :

Vinyl - the sticker should be applied to a clean, smooth wall. Stickers are not suitable for walls covered with wallpaper or other materials. Peel and stick ;)

Fabric Material - Premium peel and stick material - can be used on texture wall or wallpaper. This premium material can be used many times - stickers are repositionable! The premium material will be perfect for uneven, textured walls that require slippery paints. The material will work great on wallpapers

Information for you:
- Direct daylight does not affect print quality over time - Hp Latex Technology
Pastel colours of stickers may be slightly different - depending on the settings of your monitor.
If you have any questions, please write to me :) I will be happy to answer! Add my Store to your favourites! You will know what new works are added to the store! For regular customers, I always send something as a gift ;)
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