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Fairytale town wall sticker collection

Fairytale town wall sticker collection

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We invite you to the world of fairy tales and magic! This beautiful set of wall stickers depicting a fairy-tale town will be every child's dream come true! Thanks to it, you will create a fairy-tale town inside the children's room.

Made of high-quality materials, wall stickers "Fairy Tale Town" are full of colors in pastel style interior decorations! Simple and quick to use decorations for a children's room will allow you to change the look of the interior in just a few moments!

All our stickers are cut in such a way that they do not have any borders. Thanks to this, IgiBee wall decorations perfectly match any wall, regardless of its color.

Let your imagination run wild and create your own fairytale town together with your child!

This set includes as follows: 

house: 118x51cm
bush with mushroom: 25x29cm
small bush with mushroom: 23x18cm
toadstool: 9x13cm
mouse mink: 34x26cm
plant (2x): 11x14cm
butterfly2x: 8x14cm
butterfly 6x8cm
butterfly: 9x11cm
bullfinch1: 14x17cm
gil2: 20x17cm
mushrooms: 30x25cm
tall house: 45x47cm
butterflies(2x): 8x14cm
butterflies(2x): 6x8cm
bird: 16x25cm
cottage green door: 64x45cm
house blue door: 60x38cm
white plant: 10x17cm
snail: 14x8cm
toadstool: 13x15cm
red plant: 10x13cm

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