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Land of dragons wall stickers

Land of dragons wall stickers

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Together with IgiBee, discover the skies in the company of these cute dragons! Get ready for a lot of emotions, because flying together in a group of dragons is a one-way ticket to great adventure and fun!
Wall stickers "Land of dragons" is a set full of colorful wall decorations prepared for the youngest!

Made of high-quality materials, wall decorations with dragons will delight not only parents, but above all children. Thanks to the simple and quick installation, you will be able to transform your child's room into a real dragon kingdom!

Each element of the set has been cut separately so that it does not have any borders. As a result, our stickers fit perfectly on the back of any wall, regardless of its color!

This set includes: 

Moon: 24x27cm
Stars 10x10cm
Green Dragon: 34x47 cm
Blue dragon: 26x33cm
Sleeping Dragon: 33x23cm
Red Dragon: 39x38cm
Dragon eggs: 8x9cm
Cloud: 40x21cm
Zipper: 43x71cm
Cloud: 38x20cm
Cloud: 25x13cm
Cloud: 20x10cm

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