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Mermaid and fish wall stickers

Mermaid and fish wall stickers

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Embark on a wonderful journey to the bottom of the ocean and meet the animals that live there. Discover the mysteries of the deep waters and meet cute mermaids living together with sea animals.

A set full of beautiful stickers will allow you to transform an ordinary room into a truly underwater kingdom in just a few moments. Make your child's dream of becoming a mermaid come true thanks to IgiBee wall stickers

Made of high-quality materials, colorful "Mermaid and fish" wall stickers are a quick and easy way to decorate a children's room.

All elements of the set have been cut separately in such a way that they do not have any borders. Thanks to this, our stickers perfectly match any wall, regardless of its color.

Set contains:
narwhal: 71x52cm
octopus: 49x46cm
mermaid: 50x51cm
bubble: 6x6cm
fish(1x): 16x16cm
fish(1x): 9x10cm
scalar: 21x19cm

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