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Rabbits in nature - wall stickers

Rabbits in nature - wall stickers

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This endearing set will bring joy and charm to your space with its charming motifs of rabbits in harmony with nature.

The set includes various designs of stickers depicting cute rabbits surrounded by beautiful nature. You can immerse yourself in a forest environment where rabbits run freely among flowers and greenery, adding a charming atmosphere to your interior.

Our wall stickers are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees easy application and durability of the decoration. You are free to customize the arrangement of rabbits on your walls, creating a unique and personalized decoration.

This set includes:

wheelbarrow with flowers: 41 cm x 24 cm; 16.14' x 9.45';
cloud x 2: 14cm x 10cm; 5.51' x 3.94';
larger cloud x 2 pcs: 16 cm x 11 cm; 6.30' x 4.33';
cloud x 2 pcs: 11cm x 8cm; 4.33' x 3.15';
rabbit in the basket: 18 cm x 24 cm; 7.09' x 9.45';
rabbit: 23cm x 18cm; 9.06' x 7.09';
two cream rabbits: 22 cm x 19 cm; 8.66' x 7.48';
two gray rabbits on the back: 19 cm x 16 cm; 7.48' x 6.30';
cream rabbit: 18 cm x 11 cm; 7.09' x 4.33';
landscape x 2 pcs 81 x 34 cm; 31.89' x 13.39';
building: 58 cm x 58 cm; 22.83' x 22.83';
straw bundles: 35 cm x 24 cm; 13.78' x 9.45'.

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