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Safari for the youngest - wall stickers set

Safari for the youngest - wall stickers set

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Colorful animals straight from the African safari! Beautiful stickers with animals in a fairytale style that every baby will love!
Made of high-quality wall decorations will allow you to quickly and easily create the perfect creation for your child's room.

Full of colors "Safari for the youngest" wall stickers are a great choice when decorating the interior of a children's room. Created especially for the youngest, our stickers will provide a lot of smile and stimulate your child's imagination.

Each element of the set is cut separately so that it does not have any borders. Thanks to this, our interior decorations perfectly match any wall, regardless of its color.

Unleash your imagination and create an African safari in your child's room!

This set includes:

monkey: 27x21cm
palm: 56x102cm
branch: 51x6cm
grass(2x): 34xcm
grass(1x): 50x18cm
grass(1x): 11.9×33.6
leaf(2x): 9x10cm
leaf(2x): 12x12cm
flower(1x): 15x8cm
cloud(3x): 11x8cm
cloud(2x): 10×7
zebra: 33x40cm
hippo: 31x35cm
elephant: 41x41cm
giraffe: 37x52cm
lion cub: 29x38cm
monkey: 27x21cm
palm: 56x102cm
branch: 51x6cm

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