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Unicorn and rainbow - wall sticker for kids

Unicorn and rainbow - wall sticker for kids

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Introducing "Unicorn and Rainbow" - a charming set of wall stickers that transports your child to a magical world full of colors and fantasy. This set of stickers is a great choice for little dreamers and unicorn lovers.

The set includes a jumping unicorn, rainbow, moon, colorful stars and a shooting star. These charming and colorful stickers will create a unique scenery in your child's room, full of magic and joy.

This "Unicorn and Rainbow" set will not only decorate your child's room, but also create a space full of imagination and magic. Kids will love watching the jumping unicorn and rainbow, while the colorful stars and shooting star add extra charm and enchanting atmosphere.

width in x cm height in cm; width in inches x length in inches:

rainbow: 100cm x 55cm; 39.37' x 21.65';
unicorn: 73cm x 42cm; 28.74' x 16.54';
moon: 26cm x 40cm; 10.24' x 15.75';
comet: 26cm x 13cm; 10.24' x 5.12';
blue star x 10 pcs: 6 cm x 6 cm; 2.36' x 2.36';
pink star x 10 pcs: 6 cm x 6 cm; 2.36' x 2.36';
yellow star x 11 pcs: 5 cm x 5 cm; 1.97' x 1.97'

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