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Wild animals wall sticker set

Wild animals wall sticker set

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Communing with nature is one of the most pleasant activities. We realize that this is not always possible. Therefore, in spite of these needs, we have prepared a set showing wild animals in their natural environment.

"Wild animals wall stickers" is a colorful set of pastel-style wall decorations for a child's room. Thanks to these, you can transform any interior into a landscape like from a European forest.

Made of high-quality materials, wall decorations will allow you to decorate your child's room in a simple and quick way.

All our stickers are cut in such a way that they do not have borders. Thanks to this, they perfectly match any wall, regardless of its color.


This set includes:

tree: 73x141cm
stump: 52x20cm
grass 2x: 67x8cm
wolf: 38x43cm
standing fox: 38x25cm
sitting fox: 19x15cm
owl: 30x17cm
tree: 50x140cm
deer: 48x75cm
roe deer: 32x44cm
grass 2x: 67x8cm
eagle: 30x19cm

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