How long should the sticker stay on the wall?

The manufacturer of the foil on which we print our stickers guarantees that the stickers will last at least 2 years. We know from experience that if the wall is properly prepared, the glue will stick much longer and the stickers will decorate for longer.


What preparation should be made before applying the sticker?

The most important thing is to degrease the surface on which the stickers will be applied.
Please wash the wall thoroughly with wet water and dishwashing liquid. Then wipe it dry and wait another day for the remaining water to evaporate. Then stick the stickers on.


Can the sticker be stuck on the wallpaper? (vinyl too)

Of course, you can stick our stickers on vinyl wallpaper. The information on the website is general - many customers do not know what type of wallpaper they have on their walls. Unfortunately, our stickers will not be a good solution for walls covered with paper wallpaper.

Regarding degreasing vinyl wallpaper - water with dishwashing liquid is enough. Vinyl wallpaper under the influence of alcohol may lose its colors and become very stained.
Stickers should be applied when the wallpaper is completely dry - to be sure, after washing, please wait 3-4 days.


What should I do if I want to peel off the sticker and stick it again in a different place?

As a rule, the sticker is disposable. However, you can try to use a hair dryer, gently heat the sticker so that the glue activates and then move the sticker to another place. However, we do not guarantee that the sticker will stick!


Can the sticker tear off the plaster/paint/wallpaper when removing the sticker?

Sometimes it may happen that with poor quality plaster, the sticker may come off with the substrate. To avoid such a situation, it is best to stick stickers on well-primed walls and before removing them, gently heat them with a hair dryer - this activates the glue again and makes it easier to remove.


Can I request a print in non-standard dimensions?

There is such a possibility, although you have to take into account the extended delivery time of such an order as well as a different price than the one listed on the store's website.


Do you print customer designs/decals to order?

If you would like to purchase a set of stickers according to your own design, please contact us. It will not always be possible, but we can promise that we will at least try 🙂


Do you have to cut the stickers yourself?

We cut out the stickers according to the outline and each of them is a separate element.


Are the stickers sent as one set or individual elements?

Stickers are sent in sets, each offer contains a list of stickers with the given sizes. Each element is cut separately to facilitate the application, although there are sets where there is only one large board.


What is the structure of the stickers? Are they easy to stick?

The stickers are printed on a smooth, slightly matte self-adhesive foil, each shape is cut out separately and the application of stickers is very easy, although with larger stickers we encourage you to use the help of a second person.


What types of shipping do you have?

We use the services of GLS and local mail services. We don't use parcel machines because our parcels are too big to fit there 🙂


Can I order a single sticker from the set?

We agree to such a solution only in exceptional cases, but please remember that a single sticker will always be more expensive than in a set.


Do you have discount coupons?

Of course, there are regular promotional campaigns in which we offer discounts on our products. Just sign up for our newsletter.


Can the stickers be applied to other surfaces, not just walls?

Stickers can be stuck on furniture or doors, but the most important thing is that the surface on which we stick is smooth and washed, so that the glue sticks well.